Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Baby // Blue Lipstick?!


Loveeeeeeeeee! Now I havent told my Fans This, But I Love Zendaya Coleman. We May be the Same  age, But She is Such a HUGE Inspiration! She Is The Type to Prove that you Really Can do anything when you put your mind to it. and for That, I Think she is so Amazing!

Anyway, Her New Video Dropped today. for her song "My Baby" That is on her album, Number 11. I absolutely Love this song, But you Dont Have to Like it! I wanna Discuss the MAKEUP in this Video, now there is not much of a Change in her Makeup throughout the whole video, but There is a Lipstick Color Change!

Can We Talk about the Blue First? The Blue Was the First thing that caught my attention! I Was Like 'What in the world' and Then I took a second look, The Blue looks good! Im Not putting on a Front cause I Like her, The Blue Really does look Amazing. It goes Great with her Skin Tone it Brings Serious attention to her lips, which Is what I think she wanted. So Everyone Wont focus on her face, Thus fore the Snapback! It covered her eyes, I think That she wanted all eyes on the Diamond! The diamond it making a statement here. Did anyone Look at her shirt? The shirt Said Diamond.

Anyway, Moving on to the Black! the Black looks Great on her also! I would have been nice if it wasn't a Black Lipstick, But a Black lip Laquier, Adding, Shine and Gloss. But Besides that The Black Lips is Really a Trend, but Its Gonna Become something huge Once the World gets a Look at this.

Last Thing: the Nudes! and The Pink Gloss, during the Picture flips and all That. Was Common but also made it look really good. The Whole Video isn't TOO Flashy.

Tip: Nude lipsticks and Pink Glosses Bring attention to your eyes.

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Bye! XoXo . Qveen

Dream Chaser.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Golden fist

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So I Found This Picture on facebook, When I was Just surfing and This is 5 Rings and a Bracelet all in One! This is soooo Cute! I saw this and I was amazing that something could be this awesome.

I Knew I Loved this, I wouldnt buy this for myself though, My style Changes alot, I Can Be really Girly, or Sometimes Really Tomboyish. So I Didnt Really Wanna Buy it, But I Knew I wanted to Share it.

So This is so Cute! and I just wanted to show you girls. But I May Get it.

Just Keeping you Updated, XoXo . Qveen

I Found love on Google.

    Okay Ladies, I Found these Really Cute Peep-toe wedges on Google Today when I Searched for a 'Gold Chain' and I Knew I was in Love. I have to Buy These shoes, They where on this website that You Can Purchase things from the UK, These are about maybe 30 to 40 dollars in american Money, Im gonna Post The Website Below.  But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Comment Below and Tell Me what You Think about these.. and Tell me should I buy Them or No? Cause I Love these but are they worth it?

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

What is it?! Lol

So, I Saw This Picture on a Site on instagram about Bracelets that are attached to rings, I didn't know how it was possible. But It just was. So at around 3am when I couldn't fall back asleep,  I Took a hand at it. When I did, it was actually pretty simple, you just attach it by chain. So I Made Mine, and Heres what it looks like.

Its Really Fun and Super Simple to make. So I used this Old Bedazeled Bow from a ring that i had in like 7th grade and attached it to two Chains, then I attached the second chain to a ring.

So Here it is, aint it cute? lol

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heaven? // Major Shoe Phobia.

Sooooooooooo, Is it Just me, or is anyone else scared of Really tall Shoes? I am so Scared of Really Tall Shoes Because Im So short, and When Im Tall, it Just Scares me. Lol.

But I Found this awesome and amazing youtuber on youtube like..... an hour ago, and This is one of my fav vids already and I Know its like a whole year old. But Im in love with it because I LOVE HER SHOES! I just wanted to share this with my fellow fashion queens, I Love her shoes in this vid because they are all so amazing and unique. Her Style is Really Goth and Dark, and I just think Dark is so Beautiful and I Love how 95% off all her shoes in the small 17min Video are Black. That amazing to Me. Im Going to post this on Her vid also and Hopes that She gets to see it. 

Check out her videos for me though you guys if you love youtube as much as I do, Then you'll be able to find her and maybe this video too +grav3yardgirl I Just think she is so amazing.

Find her on Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook all at Grav3yardgirl EXACTLY as spelled. So, If you Like this vid, share it on google and Like it on Youtube and Request MORE Shoe Heaven Videos (as I Put it) lol.

Well, Im Going to post again soon! Bye! XoXo . Qveen


Surfboard! So Today was supposed to be My Day for my Online Shopping, and as I was "Surfing" Google, (lol) I Cam across this! Beyoncé has sweatshirts! she has at least one sweatshirt for Each song on her new visual album; 'BEYONCÉ' and If you Love Queen Bey as Much as I do, Then you Know what song this is! 

This is From the song Drunk in Love, I Love the Song I Think the song is beautiful and really Nice.
But This sweatshirt is so Cute, I Love how its not that loud, its not full of patterns and Drama. Very simple, and I Love how she's swearing it right here.

  • Faded Grey Jeans.
  • Gold Chain.
  • Grey Beanie.
  • Gold Belt.
  • and Black Lace-up heels.
Beyonce is No Fashion Disaster, I Love the way she dresses, even just her in a sweatshirt looks amazing  So I Just wanted to share that with you guys!

Gonna Be Posting about new finds all day, XoXo . Qveen

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leg Warmers? Nahh.

So I Was Getting Dressed this Morning, and I have the tall shin-High fuzzy socks, rainbow striped socks. And I threw on My favorite boots, cause I have on leggings. Then I realized the socks rise above the boots, and then I looked again and thought to myself, these look like leg warmers! Which I Had talked about in a different post. So while waiting for the bus. I took a picture, and it came out really cute. I just wanted to talk about this before I'm off to school, Bye! ☆♥

Gone Mobile, XoXo . Qveen 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite piece.

This has to Be My favorite piece out of the whole KandK4pacsun spring collection! I absolutely adore this one Daisy Patterned Dress. Its twisted and has a open waist. SO Cute I Love it, I took this Screenshot from Instagram @KandK4pacsun as you can see.

So Cute! Kinda Short but at the same time its a Good Length . I Love this dress, and Im so Going to get it, but when I Do I will Post it and let you all Know.

Just Keeping you Updated, XoXo . Qveen

Sunday, January 19, 2014

♥ Ready or Not?

So Pretty Much everyone knows Who The Kardashian's are, Kim, Khole, Kourtney Kardashian, and then Kendall and Kylie Jenner. all sisters, Beautiful, Smart, and Can dress up like there is No tomorrow. I Love the Kardashian sisters, I just think that they are simply amazing. 

Kendall and Kylie (The Youngest) are Coming out with a New Spring Fashion line for Pacsun getting dropped on feb.7th but is already online. and Im So happy, But there is No Pacsun near me, in my area. :( So Im going to have to shop online, but! I am so Pumped because it Looks Great! 

at Hashtag : #KandK4PacSun . Its Going to be perfect. Follow @KandK4pacsun on Instagram, They have alot more details about it than I do.

I Know its alot of Daisy Prints, alot of Patterns and Colors. Really Girly and chique .

Well peace! XoXo . Qveen

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Something Cool and Girly.

Currently Blogging about My New Fav thing in the world, These shoes can make anyone look outstanding, Platform sandals!!! These are super cute and amazing I Love the over the toe strap and ankle wrap that are on platform sandals. 

I Just love the way that these shoes look, its like having a wedge but a Little flatter. These are for younger girls who aren't allowed to wear heels, or high shoes. this is perfect for you.

Shoes like These will definitely be New New staple piece for the spring and summer. When I Can figure out where to buy a pair.

Just Keeping you updated.

Hope I helped, XoXo . Qveen

First Rebel Set // favorite pieces

This New Set That I Put together is one of My New Favorite looks right now, It Looks so rebellious and Edgy, But at the same time, Really Girly. 

This is The New Diamond Pattern skirt that I got at JCPenny last Summer, I have never even worn it yet, But I Didn't have anything to wear it with, no Cute top or shoes that would Make The skirt Really POP!

But Then I Bought a New Pair of Combat Boots (I Will Show in The Next Post) That have a Chain placed on The side, They Are Military Styled Combat boots, They look Heavy and Really Edgy.

Then I Bought an Open, long Back shirt, Button-up and all Black that Looked amazing with This skirt and then when I Threw it all Together, it looked AMAZING and I fell in love. 
According to the Stars of 2014 Then The First Day of Spring in Going to be on March 20th or 21st and Im So Happy.

But Something edgy to show you guys. Black and White, but at the same time Girly and Fun.

Questions, Comments or Concerns? Respond in the Comments box, or The Contact me Box. Dont forget to share this with family and friends.

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

Saturday, January 11, 2014

More Boots!!

I saw these at JCPenny and I fell in love! I have to go back to get them they are by Arizona and at 45$ I saw and my jaw dropped. I love these. Do you love them as much as I do?

Comment Below! Your opinion...

hope I helped, XoXo.  Qveen

I Don't Think I'm Supposed to.. // Cry for Love

I Don't Think I'm Supposed to.. // Cry for Love

Topshop sweater / Stretch jeans / Yeswalker ankle boots / Proenza Schouler leather handbag / Vintage hat / Topshop scarve

Number One about this outfit is that Cry for love by Zendaya Coleman on her album Zendaya is a Really amazing song, I relate to it in so many ways and on so many levels.

But anyway on to the outfit, I Love Love Love, Knit sweaters in the winter time, I Have no idea why in particular but I Love it. and I Just thought this would be so cute. I Just added a Red Knit sweater (Red is my favorite color) with a Red Knit Scarf and a Coca Cola Hat with a Little Poof ball, I Thought it would be cute.

Now My Personal opinion is that a Pair of Black or Red converses would have gone allot better with this look, but I Just added boots, Because when you overlap then lining on-top of itself (Not sure if that Made sense but you Know what I Mean) then a Cute detailed pattern would look better.

Now you can chose whatever bag you like but I think that this bag really looks allot better something that would big out the light wash jeans, and Not Drown you in red. But you can use any bag of your choice.

*This Outfit was Based on the Song, Musical Outfits Collection coming out 2/15/14*

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

I found them!

So guys! I found the sandals!

Well for 1 You Guys, Excuse My Feet They Havent been polished in over 2 weeks, So The Polish is Kind of Chipping, But I Found the T-Strap sandals, They are by Brash and I found them and Payless for about 16 Dollars, These aren't Jelly Because These aren't By Steve Madden, But They are Fabric Which I Actually Find more Comfortable! Im out shopping with My Brother right now but Im so Going to get these! and I got them at an AMAZING Price!

Hope I helped you, XoXo . Qveen

Topshop dress

TOPSHOP Scoop Back Mini Bodycon Dress

A Topshop "Scoop - Back" mini BodyCon dress.
Im not Really sure What Topshop Means but I Do know That a BodyCon Dress is like a body hugging dress, and it supposed to fit snug and not crush your waist.

This is a Long sleeve Dress which can be good for the winter and you can wear any kind of pattern scarf with this look, Maybe tights and Boots, Or Sheer stockings, legwarmers, and boots.
Don't Forget you favorite scarf!

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

TOPSHOP Scoop Back Mini Bodycon Dress (see more long sleeve mini dresses)

I Don't Think I'm Supposed to.. // Cry for Love

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love in The Sky

Love in The Sky

Love in The Sky by swaggintoofarr featuring lee skinny jeans

Okay You Guys, So really Love TheWeeknd I swear I Was The First Person to Purchase The "Kissland" album as soon as It Came out on itunes, I Love TheWeeknd Just That Much, and Then I realized he was in the Hunger Games 2 Soundtrack and I was So excited, cause The Hunger Games in my favorite Movie, and TheWeeknd Is One of My favorite Artist, and I dont Know why But When I Thought Of Love in the Sky, I Just added the Song to The outfit, Kinda Cheesy But I Didn't add it for affect.

This Outfit is Completely Blue, all By Using the term Sky I Just got in spired to make this, and when I did I Knew I Had to Share it with My viewers. So Here you Guys, and If you Also Listen to TheWeeknd then I Love you sooo Much! Team X'O .. and If you Don't Then Can you Just Check him out for me, at Listen to My favorite (Old) Song of his, "Material Girl" I think you would like that, for all the Girly Girls Like me.

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

Color Bases!

Colors! Beautiful Color Swatches for Outfit bases! make sure you into add a Little Black and Whites into the outfit so conclude a Slight block.

Untitled #222

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Leg Warmers, New Thing?

Lace Boot Cuff // Boot Socks High quality lace İvory Boot Topper, free ship Leg Toppers Socks Leg Warmer Women's Shoe Accessories
Lace! & Leg Warmers! Okay So I Really Like Lace I Think Lace is Just a Compliment to anyones Skin. and I Have Not Tried Wearing Leg Warmers Yet, but I Would Love to Try, I Think Leg Warmers are So pretty, but Once I Get My new Pair of Rider Boots Soon, (Pictures will be Posted) I Will Try Leg Warmers.

So, I found a very Cute Video on Making Leg warmers out of old sweaters, It was So pretty, Check out Bethany Mota For me on youtube and Her "HoliDIY" video for old sweater usage. (MacBarbie07)

I Will Post That sometime soon, It Was Very creative, Fun and Cute.      

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

Spring is Coming!

Spring is Coming soon, and Its gonna get a little warm, its time to find new staple pieces, and New clothes to Go with things that are already in your closet.

I already Bought My First New piece for the First day of Spring and I am Completely in love with this one, Its a Skirt, From JCPenny By The "L'Amour" Collection, When I First Saw it, i thought it was a Bit Pricey and I waited.. Then Around Christmas Time, Me and My Mother Had Went Back and It was still there, and on Clearance for 8$ and I got a Good Steal it was that last one and in My Size, I Was So happy. So Here it Is.

When I first saw this skirt, I fell in love with it, and I Knew That I Had to get it, and when I finally got it I was too Happy. So I Bought a Simple Open Back Sheer Shirt that overlaps in the back to go with it, and I Have now Found a New Fashion Crush That I have to get, But Only Online That These Babies are sold, and I Knew I Had to have them.

Shoes, These are Beautiful Studded T-Strap Jelly sandals, I Saw Them In a Payless Once and When I Went back with the Money to get them, They Were Gone, and I Was Really Upset. Then I googled Them at one Point and I Found Them.

You May have seen these From My latest Post, I Didn't Write about Them, But I posted them for everyone to see. A lot of people that I showed these to, didn't Really Like them But I Knew I Loved them from the first glance. (No, These are Not My Feet)

Im Not really Much of a Sneaker Type Girl So I Dont Really Like Wearing Closed-Toed shoes during the warm seasons, Because I dont Like for My feet to sweat, I think it is Just so Gross, and Un comfortable for me. I Just think Sandals Like these are so Comfortable during the warmer months.

So These are Gonna Be My favorite Pieces During The warmer months. I Just wanted to Share this with you Guys, if you Have any Questions, Comment below or Send Me and Email in the Contant me Box.

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

If Only it Were Summer..

Simple Black

Keep Calm, and Keep Warm

Keep Calm, and Keep Warm


Flat shoes

Michael kors purse
$440 - monnierfreres.co.uk

Tassel scarve

Iphone case

Warm Face, Winter Weather.

Having a Warm face during the winter is something that every girl can do, to look Warm and Sweet when its chilly outside, when you want to catch someone's eye you Can do these simple things when you need a new look, Like My favorite, warm "Apple - Cinnamon" for the look winter.

  • A Well-Working Facial Cleansing Routine.
You Dont Want your Face to look Pale And/or Dry during the winter, If your in an area with lots of snow and/or cold Weather, you want your face to be Very Moisturized and to look Fresh and Fun.
Use a Good cleanser, something that you trust and that you believe works well and can keep your skin from being dry. For That Part, I Can't Tell you what works best because every Girls skin is different so use what works for you.

  • Use a Good Moisturizing Foundation and Warm Berry Blush.
Use your best foundation, Nothing Mineral based, for a base. Mineral based foundations are sure to help dry your skin out along with the cold air. If you Like Mineral based foundation ( I do) Then use a Liquid foundation for a base then cover with your mineral based foundation, or concealer or power.

Then use a Light amount of warm berry looking blush or a Creamy Red blush.

Something that will bring a warm color to your face.

  • Eyes. Work on a Light Smokey eye and thick liner.
Depending on your Skin tone, use a Dark color that is most in your comfort zone and gently apply to your outer corner for your eye, working into the outer crease and over your upper lash line. You Can use a Deep brown, or you Can use a Charcoal Black. Maybe you Can even blend to colors to match your outfit, Maybe a Dark blue with a Chocolate brown, or soft pink with a Deep Black. Whatever fits you best.

You Can even do a simple "Sunset" Smokey eye, which is a simpel gold on the center of your eyelid and then a deep brown placed on the outer crease and corner, and gently worked into the inner crease and corner. This looks warm when you do it right, it can be used for almost anything, when done right. all thats needed is practice.

and then you can use and thin line of liner or a Thick line, with maybe a wing tip. Whatever is in your comfort zone. even fill in your brows if you like.

  • Lips.
Use a Dark lip color, as dark as you Like, you Can try a deep dark red, or a Dark purple (My favorite) or you Can go as Far as Black lipstick if you like.

Hope I helped, Xoxo . Qveen.