Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love in The Sky

Love in The Sky

Love in The Sky by swaggintoofarr featuring lee skinny jeans

Okay You Guys, So really Love TheWeeknd I swear I Was The First Person to Purchase The "Kissland" album as soon as It Came out on itunes, I Love TheWeeknd Just That Much, and Then I realized he was in the Hunger Games 2 Soundtrack and I was So excited, cause The Hunger Games in my favorite Movie, and TheWeeknd Is One of My favorite Artist, and I dont Know why But When I Thought Of Love in the Sky, I Just added the Song to The outfit, Kinda Cheesy But I Didn't add it for affect.

This Outfit is Completely Blue, all By Using the term Sky I Just got in spired to make this, and when I did I Knew I Had to Share it with My viewers. So Here you Guys, and If you Also Listen to TheWeeknd then I Love you sooo Much! Team X'O .. and If you Don't Then Can you Just Check him out for me, at Listen to My favorite (Old) Song of his, "Material Girl" I think you would like that, for all the Girly Girls Like me.

Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen

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