Friday, December 27, 2013

"Still Into You"

This is The Style by Hayley Williams of "Paramore" In there most recent Music video "Still Into you" That Came out March 14, 2013.
This outfit Consist of:

  • A White "Crop Top" or Half shirt, Thats cotton, (and flowy). The Print across the Chest States "Dweeb".
  • A Black Waist Belt embellished with 2 Clips that Look similar to Door Hinges.
  • A Leather "Skater" Skirt in a Warm Pink.
  • With a pair of White Patent Lace up Ankle boots (Doc Martins, Maybe)
  • And a Colorful leather Jacket, embellished with Belts, Buttons, Zippers, and Pockets.
And everything in this outfits matches her hair.

This is a Cute outfit to go on and  make a Cute and fun video with friends, (Pretty Much The the Video), or you Can just go out like this and enjoy your day, this outfit is so cute and everything fits together perfectly. This can go with a very soft makeup look:
or Maybe even something Outgoing, fun, and Creative:

a Cute shade of pink Nail polish can work with this look, and everyone will want to know where you came up with your looks from, This is such a cute fun and Creative outfit to use when you want to go out and make a Serious statement. These are beautiful "spring-like"Colors, wand when you put them together right everything comes out perfectly.

XoXo, Hope I helped.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sick Days

Heyyyy! Lets Get to Outfit 2 of Early November.
Sick Days

So im assuming that the first Thing about this outfit that Caught your attention was that sweatshirt. Cool Right?

so This is a Pretty cheap crewneck sweatshirt. Its about 75$ and maybe you Can catch it on sale. and 50% off maybe between 35 - 43$ So yea. but you dont Have to get a crewneck sweatshirt like this, you Can wear a fleece sweater. That will fit.
Parisian White and Grey Snowflake Knitted Jumper

 Now onto the pants, Now with this look I would wear some slightly dark colored jeans.
One Green Elephant KOSAI Slim fit jeans

and DEPENDING On the weather in your area, you can wear leggings, but if it Looks like a winter wonderland outside: *YOU NEED TO STOP*
Go BACK Into you house and Put on Leggings UNDER your jeans. But you Can always go with the simple yoga pants to go with this look.

Hard Tail Neon Roll Down Bootleg Flare

Now Every girl has to have a pair of yoga pants, Not that we actually do yoga Like Guys think we do, but Yoga Pants are sooo Comfy, if you dont have a Pair, they aree soooo Cheap Ladies dont worry about killing your money for some pants, You Can Find them just about everywhere, But you Can get those and It will not break your wallet. Now This outfit is Called "Sick days" cause When Winter comes, People Start to look Like Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer. 

So That is why this outfit consist of Slippers, but Not Just slippers. UGG Slippers!
UGG Dakota slipper

Now if you have UGG Slipper money, Be My guest. These Dakota Slipper Moccasins are 100$ but So you Dont Have to begg Mommy or Daddy. Or even break your next to have cute warm slipper shoes, I got these.
Minnetonka Jr. Trapper Moccasin Slipper
These are similar shoes, You Can get these at DSW for 35$ or go online and maybe if you have a discount card you Can get if for 10% off, or Maybe even half price. but these shoes are soo worth it, so Comfy and Stylish. keep your feet warm, and you can wear them with socks too. So these are definitely worth it. Onto the accessories.

Jigsaw Lambswool Blend Cable Knit Snood

Gray Knit scarf (Mentioned these in the previous Chapter) Frost Hats Winter Hat for Women GRAY Slouchy Beanie Hat Knitted Winter Hat Frost Hats Gray: Clothing

Gray Knit beanie, (Mentioned this too)
Studded Bucket Bag

I mentioned this in the last chapter also, Black and Gray are in this season, Cause the go with pretty much everything, you Dont wanna be looking like this: !! In the middle of white winter, Standing out is different from being a sore thumb. But Back to the bag, The Bag is Full of Class, and stylish and sexy. Everyone likes studs, Its gives and edgy rocker type look maybe or even bold. but if you dont like studs, you can go with a plain black bag.
FOREVER 21 Standout Croc Boston Bag

this is a Nice Plain black bag, Thats Pretty and Fresh. From forever21 for about 28$ easy buy, Not to expensive, not too cheap.

Lol, I HATE Being sick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~