Friday, December 27, 2013

"Still Into You"

This is The Style by Hayley Williams of "Paramore" In there most recent Music video "Still Into you" That Came out March 14, 2013.
This outfit Consist of:

  • A White "Crop Top" or Half shirt, Thats cotton, (and flowy). The Print across the Chest States "Dweeb".
  • A Black Waist Belt embellished with 2 Clips that Look similar to Door Hinges.
  • A Leather "Skater" Skirt in a Warm Pink.
  • With a pair of White Patent Lace up Ankle boots (Doc Martins, Maybe)
  • And a Colorful leather Jacket, embellished with Belts, Buttons, Zippers, and Pockets.
And everything in this outfits matches her hair.

This is a Cute outfit to go on and  make a Cute and fun video with friends, (Pretty Much The the Video), or you Can just go out like this and enjoy your day, this outfit is so cute and everything fits together perfectly. This can go with a very soft makeup look:
or Maybe even something Outgoing, fun, and Creative:

a Cute shade of pink Nail polish can work with this look, and everyone will want to know where you came up with your looks from, This is such a cute fun and Creative outfit to use when you want to go out and make a Serious statement. These are beautiful "spring-like"Colors, wand when you put them together right everything comes out perfectly.

XoXo, Hope I helped.

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