Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Warm Face, Winter Weather.

Having a Warm face during the winter is something that every girl can do, to look Warm and Sweet when its chilly outside, when you want to catch someone's eye you Can do these simple things when you need a new look, Like My favorite, warm "Apple - Cinnamon" for the look winter.

  • A Well-Working Facial Cleansing Routine.
You Dont Want your Face to look Pale And/or Dry during the winter, If your in an area with lots of snow and/or cold Weather, you want your face to be Very Moisturized and to look Fresh and Fun.
Use a Good cleanser, something that you trust and that you believe works well and can keep your skin from being dry. For That Part, I Can't Tell you what works best because every Girls skin is different so use what works for you.

  • Use a Good Moisturizing Foundation and Warm Berry Blush.
Use your best foundation, Nothing Mineral based, for a base. Mineral based foundations are sure to help dry your skin out along with the cold air. If you Like Mineral based foundation ( I do) Then use a Liquid foundation for a base then cover with your mineral based foundation, or concealer or power.

Then use a Light amount of warm berry looking blush or a Creamy Red blush.

Something that will bring a warm color to your face.

  • Eyes. Work on a Light Smokey eye and thick liner.
Depending on your Skin tone, use a Dark color that is most in your comfort zone and gently apply to your outer corner for your eye, working into the outer crease and over your upper lash line. You Can use a Deep brown, or you Can use a Charcoal Black. Maybe you Can even blend to colors to match your outfit, Maybe a Dark blue with a Chocolate brown, or soft pink with a Deep Black. Whatever fits you best.

You Can even do a simple "Sunset" Smokey eye, which is a simpel gold on the center of your eyelid and then a deep brown placed on the outer crease and corner, and gently worked into the inner crease and corner. This looks warm when you do it right, it can be used for almost anything, when done right. all thats needed is practice.

and then you can use and thin line of liner or a Thick line, with maybe a wing tip. Whatever is in your comfort zone. even fill in your brows if you like.

  • Lips.
Use a Dark lip color, as dark as you Like, you Can try a deep dark red, or a Dark purple (My favorite) or you Can go as Far as Black lipstick if you like.

Hope I helped, Xoxo . Qveen.

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