Saturday, January 25, 2014


Surfboard! So Today was supposed to be My Day for my Online Shopping, and as I was "Surfing" Google, (lol) I Cam across this! BeyoncĂ© has sweatshirts! she has at least one sweatshirt for Each song on her new visual album; 'BEYONCÉ' and If you Love Queen Bey as Much as I do, Then you Know what song this is! 

This is From the song Drunk in Love, I Love the Song I Think the song is beautiful and really Nice.
But This sweatshirt is so Cute, I Love how its not that loud, its not full of patterns and Drama. Very simple, and I Love how she's swearing it right here.

  • Faded Grey Jeans.
  • Gold Chain.
  • Grey Beanie.
  • Gold Belt.
  • and Black Lace-up heels.
Beyonce is No Fashion Disaster, I Love the way she dresses, even just her in a sweatshirt looks amazing  So I Just wanted to share that with you guys!

Gonna Be Posting about new finds all day, XoXo . Qveen

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