Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heaven? // Major Shoe Phobia.

Sooooooooooo, Is it Just me, or is anyone else scared of Really tall Shoes? I am so Scared of Really Tall Shoes Because Im So short, and When Im Tall, it Just Scares me. Lol.

But I Found this awesome and amazing youtuber on youtube like..... an hour ago, and This is one of my fav vids already and I Know its like a whole year old. But Im in love with it because I LOVE HER SHOES! I just wanted to share this with my fellow fashion queens, I Love her shoes in this vid because they are all so amazing and unique. Her Style is Really Goth and Dark, and I just think Dark is so Beautiful and I Love how 95% off all her shoes in the small 17min Video are Black. That amazing to Me. Im Going to post this on Her vid also and Hopes that She gets to see it. 

Check out her videos for me though you guys if you love youtube as much as I do, Then you'll be able to find her and maybe this video too +grav3yardgirl I Just think she is so amazing.

Find her on Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook all at Grav3yardgirl EXACTLY as spelled. So, If you Like this vid, share it on google and Like it on Youtube and Request MORE Shoe Heaven Videos (as I Put it) lol.

Well, Im Going to post again soon! Bye! XoXo . Qveen

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