Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Baby // Blue Lipstick?!


Loveeeeeeeeee! Now I havent told my Fans This, But I Love Zendaya Coleman. We May be the Same  age, But She is Such a HUGE Inspiration! She Is The Type to Prove that you Really Can do anything when you put your mind to it. and for That, I Think she is so Amazing!

Anyway, Her New Video Dropped today. for her song "My Baby" That is on her album, Number 11. I absolutely Love this song, But you Dont Have to Like it! I wanna Discuss the MAKEUP in this Video, now there is not much of a Change in her Makeup throughout the whole video, but There is a Lipstick Color Change!

Can We Talk about the Blue First? The Blue Was the First thing that caught my attention! I Was Like 'What in the world' and Then I took a second look, The Blue looks good! Im Not putting on a Front cause I Like her, The Blue Really does look Amazing. It goes Great with her Skin Tone it Brings Serious attention to her lips, which Is what I think she wanted. So Everyone Wont focus on her face, Thus fore the Snapback! It covered her eyes, I think That she wanted all eyes on the Diamond! The diamond it making a statement here. Did anyone Look at her shirt? The shirt Said Diamond.

Anyway, Moving on to the Black! the Black looks Great on her also! I would have been nice if it wasn't a Black Lipstick, But a Black lip Laquier, Adding, Shine and Gloss. But Besides that The Black Lips is Really a Trend, but Its Gonna Become something huge Once the World gets a Look at this.

Last Thing: the Nudes! and The Pink Gloss, during the Picture flips and all That. Was Common but also made it look really good. The Whole Video isn't TOO Flashy.

Tip: Nude lipsticks and Pink Glosses Bring attention to your eyes.

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Bye! XoXo . Qveen

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