Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sparkly hair?

This Glittery Hair Braid is being worn by Disney channel start Bella Thorne from TV Series "Shake it Up" on Disney Channel, Not sure where she's going with this look, But I Love it.
Posted on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages She wore this casual but Glammed out Braided ponytail.

The Braided ponytail was a fun and Glamours by adding Just a Little bit of Glitter to her hair, You Can find cans of Hair spray containing glitter in beauty stores now days, or even your local Walmart or dollar store, you Can see That Bella Has Glitter with Stars and fun sparkles.

This look is Really Cute and Fun, and Maybe you Can Try it with a halo braid, If you hair is shorter.

But I Just wanted to Share this with you Girls and Have fun with your Shimmer!

Hope I helped. XoXo . Qveen

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