Friday, March 21, 2014

Fresh for Spring.

Does Anyone Else Really Love Zendaya Coleman? She's So pretty and Talented. But Her Fashion Kills Everyone! She Never sticks to One type of Fashion, She's always ahead of the game. This is an Old Style of Hers But I LOVE This look.

Any Girl Can pull this look off in her own fashion. The Dress is Kinda Poofy and Like a Sunday Style Type Dress. But I adore the Floral Prints, I Love floral anyway, but I think that The floral HERE Compliments The shoes alot!

Now These shoes have a street name for being Called "Night Crawlers", They are Heel-less Heels. They May look Really scary but Trust Me! I Have walked in a pair, They are actually pretty Easier to walk in, then Stilettos.
In This Picture, Zendaya has Them on in a Forest Green Color.
Which in This Case, Brings out the Green leafs in the floral on her Dress, Thats So Cute, and clever. and Does anyone Else Agree with me when I Say that This Outfit ......... Makes you look at her Hair? It Makes Me Take a Careful look at her hair, You Can tell That is her Hair, No Weaves or Really Harsh hair Drying Chemicals. It Has a really Free flowing Curl to it. and When you really think hard, I thought her Hair was Black? This whole time! but Nopeee! Its Brown. isn't that crazy.

Her Fashion Can Play a Mind trick on you, but you have to have an Eye for style.

Anyways, Have a Beautiful First Day of spring! Enjoy! XoXo . Qveen

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