Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Nails! every girl loves getting their nails done, and having pretty and freshly polished Nails. but a New thing has come about in the nail world.

Stiletto and Almond shaped Nails have become More popular than they were Before!
It comes with all The jewels and the Bling or Whatever you like on them, but the stiletto nail and the almond nail have become something popular.

Me, personally? I have always disliked wearing the stiletto shaped nail (which is what we have here in Lace.) whenever I get acrylic (which isn't often)

Some people HATE wearing this type of nail because they cant write, or they're too sharp for them. and thus fore people (Such as Myself) getting and wearing the ALMOND Shaped nail.

To Be Completely and 100% honest, I LOVE the almond shaped nail, Personally I Believe that they help me write a little smoother, and I just love the way they are shaped because it gives you more space for design.

Now I picked this picture Simply Because I Love TheWeeknd, I think he is an amazing artist and that he is so talented. and I loved the bling on these nails. I also just really like black. But anyway!

These here in the Black are also known as Mountain Peak nails, Because they are pointy but are Not as long as the stiletto nail.

but anyway, I have a Couple more segments to write for you all, plus I have to go to bed before I pass out. lol.

Bye Beautiful people, XoXxo . Qveen

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