Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flip Flop Craze?

These are the New thing that I Have noticed, a Pair of Cute designer Flipflops, They are a Huge fashion, commonly seen on Caucasian Girls, To Be completely honest; I Think these are the Cutest flip flops ever! They are a serious trend especially where I am, Girls seem to Have them in all different colors to go with any outfit at all.

Now, I Made a google search for "Jack rogers sandals" and these came up in all the images. and on the Website - it is $148.00 for 1 pair in 1 color. I Think That is Ridiculous.

Buuuut! I Did also did some more research on these pretty little Sandals. and I Found a Knock of Brand in google, By Searching "Hotcakes sandals" and They are More commonly known as "The Sunset sandal" by the Brand hotcakes.

And these Exact replica of these expensive pretties are $24.99 and any Shoe Show or at The Link Below.  Well Readers, I've been Really Busy lately and I havent had time to post anything, But i have now set up a system where I will write twice a week and that way everyone can keep up. all My Postings will be every wednesday and friday, Hope I Helped, XoXo . Qveen.

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